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The RBSP-ECT science instrument suite is made up of four parts: the HOPE, MagEIS, and REPT instruments along with the ECT-SOC. This is where you will find the latest data and information from the RBSP-ECT Science Team.

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What's New On the RBSP-ECT Data Portal?


Three updates

1) Publications have been updated through November 2015

2) There are new notes for MagEIS Release 3 (REL03) data on the Data Quality and Caveats pages

3) Updated MagEIS energy channel definition files are available

2015-09-14: Team Meeting, Los Angeles California

2013-12-03: Release 02 data now available

The most significant change in this data release is that Level 3 (pitch angle resolved) files are now available for all ECT instruments.

Level 2 files have also been reprocessed and have been released with the "rel02" label. Any routines that read the previous "rel01" files should be changed to read "rel02". If you are starting new studies or still in the process of analyzing data we strongly urge you to use the Release 02 versions.

Release 02 data are not perfect or final. There are still many known issues that we are working on that could affect studies you want to do so, as always, we urge you to contact Harlan, Geoff, and/or the instrument leads regarding data "issues" that could affect your results.
We are trying to put this documentation on our new Data Quality and Caveats pages

2013-09-13: Release 01 replaces 'preliminary' Data

Up until now all of our data files and summary plots have been marked as preliminary. This was designated in the summary plot titles and in the data file names. Files had names such as:

The data have not been truly preliminary for quite some time so we are removing that designation and producing an official data release. Files in the data release are designated "rel01" in place of "pre".

Why have releases and versions? Early on the ECT team decided to use the version numbers to help automate processing and reprocessing of the data. That means that a new version number might be generated when some data gaps in an earlier version get filled or if processing software gets changed and there's no way to tell which one happened. We decided to use "Releases" to designate some significant change in the data processing algorithms. To me "significant" means that if there's a new release a week before AGU I'll want to remake my figures.

A single Release will apply to all past and future data until a new release is issued. We will document the changes between data releases. Examples are: HOPE fluxes changing by a factor of 7! This is fixed in Release 01. We hope that Release 02 will have some background subtraction applied (for example). We don't expect to have a new release very often, e.g. months not weeks. Versions can still change though so try to start with the most current release and version.

We hope this is a welcome change. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. And, if you see "preliminary" in any plots or on our web pages please let me know so we can fix it.


  • We have started adding talks for the 2013 Fall AGU meeting. If you are submitting an abstract don't forget to send it to Geoff Reeves so we can put it on the list
  • Recently published papers include:
  • Thorne, et al., Evolution and slow decay of an unusual isolated ring of relativistic electrons near L~3.2 following the September 2012 magnetic storm, Geophys. Res. Lett., doi:10.1002/grl.50627.
  • Reeves, et al., Electron Acceleration in the Heart of the Van Allen Radiation Belts, Science, doi:10.1126/science.1237743.


  • By popular request we now have L-T plots available. We have selected representative energy channels from both MagEIS and REPT that cover the energy range from 146 keV to 5.6 MeV. There is a plot for the mission to date (currently September through May) and separate plots for each month of the mission. The plots are in high resolution PDF format as well as PNG.


  • Conference presentations from 2012 have been moved to a separate page so that the more recent conference papers are easier to find.
  • If you haven't already noticed, the headings for each conference link to the conference web site. This should make it easy to find future conferences that are relevant to RBSP studies. Let me know if I'm missing any that we might present at.




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